Daily Dose: ‘No Cops’ by Night Beats

This has a real foot stomping, old-timey quality to it. The obvious comparison is Dylan, with its earnest Americana style nasal vocals and relatively simple strong structure (not to mention sense of bristling anger). There is a certain lack of subtlety involved here, which isn’t a problem, I appreciate a good stomping out of control psychedelia inspired guitar outro as much as the next man. Luckily for me, when it comes to garage rock, such things are practically required in a piece these days. These guys are from Seattle, apparently (not a sound I would associate with that area, but it turns out on further investigation that two of the band originally hail from Texas), and this is from their third studio album, Who Sold My Generation. That’s a very protest song title, and the honest answer is that I have no idea and they should maybe have just kept the receipt, but that level of carelessness is just what I would expect from a rock band. I have the feeling that if I had come to this I might have liked it a bit more, but as it is I’m not feeling anything really to get my teeth into. That’s okay though, I suspect there’s enough interest present that other listeners might find it enjoyable.


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