About DR

Hi, I’m DR, (or Diar, if you prefer) music lover, semi-amateur historian, bad conversationalist, acceptable writer. Nice to meet you. I live in a place called Hull, which has a pretty okay local music scene and is miles away from anywhere else of note.

For the record, I have no recognised musical qualifications whatsoever. I listen to about 9 hours radio a day, plus whatever I can get on Deezer that interests me. I can sing fairly well, I can play the guitar pretty badly.

I tend to listen to a lot of electronic music these days, but for varieties sake I’ll try to mix up what I write about on here as much as possible. Some of the songs I’ll write about will be fairly prominent, some hopefully might be ones that people may not have heard before. I’m a big believer in learning about new things in music, and if I can share that with anyone else, well, that’s all good.