About the Sauce

Hi there!

This site is purely a vehicle for me to write and talk about music. If you don’t like music, you are in the wrong place. Also, you are probably a space alien. If you like informal and hopefully educational outlooks on music you might not have heard before, well, this should be very much your bag.

To that end, there is the Daily Dose, where I (attempt to) talk about a new piece of music everyday. I’ll try to focus on new releases, but remember: the only new music is music you haven’t heard before. I might also talk about older songs as well if I’m in that kind of mood, we’ll see how it goes.

I’ll also try to do one longform piece a week, whether it be an album review, a retrospective, lists, or something else. We’ll call it the Sunday Special, because I love alliteration.

Thanks for Reading!