Daily Dose: ‘Holda You (I’m Psycho)’ by White Denim

I am so sold on these guys’ new output. The moment I knew this for certain was when I saw the music video for this song, which features them doing some incredibly goofy things with green-screens as far as I can tell for no real reason other than their own amusement. It’s bags of fun, I couldn’t help but smile at it. I’d not really heard a huge amount of their output before now other than the odd song, but I will be definitely be checking in with the new album Stiff, coming out on the 25th of March this year. That’s the seventh album from the Austin based rockers, which is pretty impressive, and they still sound like they having a great time with it. In fact, this song is a really good example of the maxim that simple enjoyment is just as valid as any other kind. Sure, this song is kind of dumb, but who cares? It sounds great, and if you don’t think so then I suspect you may be a bearded hipster. Most importantly, it has basically no pretensions whatsoever, resulting in excitement for the right reasons (over the top guitar action and feel good southern rock vocals) as opposed to some striving for artistic merit. Sod that, this song kicks ass. They still make rock and roll, and its damn fine.


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