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Daily Dose: ‘We’re Taking Control’ by Warriors Of The Dystotheque (feat. Pop Will Eat Itself)

Although the title and band names for this song appear to be a kind of dystopian future buzzword bingo, this is perhaps not as a bizarre a track as you might expect. Electronica with a heavy B-movie aesthetic isn’t an entirely new formula, that’s for sure, but Warriors Of The Dystotheque have made it such a core part of their central ethos (they even took their name partially from The Warriors, a gang flick from 1979) that they must forge onwards with that vibe regardless of any concern for originality (or restraint). Anyway, some of the publicity for this track was borderline unreadable, but I have gleaned from listening that all of the breaks, beats and bleeps you would desire from such an endevour are in order, with a healthy does of anger and angst at the state of discontent and political disorder that afflicts our globe at present time. Props to them for aiming high with their art, even if it might seem a little lofty for an acid house style throwback groove. It’s moody, but not so much as to be annoying, and it’s a quirky enough to spark some synapses flying in the intrigue section of the brain as well as the dance part. The sole lyric is a confusing issue: it’s something along the line of “we’re coming overground and taking control”. Why do you have to come overground to take control? Perhaps you don’t, but in that case, why do both at the same time, that’s just making more work for yourselves. Whose been hanging out underground anyway? Perhaps inadvertently, this song has inspired a flurry of difficult and though provoking, though ultimately pointless, questions. A track that’s still light and easy fun, and then taps into the subtle sinister vibe that the nomenclature first implies.