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Daily Dose: ‘Everything Is Ok’ by Host

This is brand(ish) new from Host, and forms the third track in our triplet. Host, for the record, is a pretty cool name but also a preciously poorly though out one. If you don’t believe me, try putting “host” into any search engine and see what you get. Even suffixing it with “band” doesn’t help much, due to the competing holders of the name, including a semi-prominent Norwegian prog group in the seventies (Host means Autumn in Norwegian, apparently). Searching for the artist name/song name at least gets you to the song, but also B and B reviews, which can be an interesting read if you get a good one (“Room and everything okay. Host made us feel unwelcomed 5/10”). I labour the point, but I do wish these young guns would think about these things in the internet age. This is Host’s third single, and it’s a tuneful dark house number featuring a bunch of those lovely Roland sounds. I’m always happy to drop to a bit of dark house when it crosses my path, so this was a nice pickup, and although they are sparing I enjoy both the lyrics and the delivery, which marks this track out slightly from others of its ilk. It’s brevity may well be a selling point in the world of highly expansive (for better or worse) electronic version, but I find myself hoping that a longer cut of this exists. I find myself settling into the hum nicely just as a realise that the song’s on it’s last chorus and is going to be ending soon. I deem it worthy of merit not just because it’s a corking track, but also because it’s a great introduction to the darker side of house music, a space that I think more people than realise it could get into.