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Daily Dose: ‘Ljoss’ by Forest Swords

Onto the second trio of tunes, with three songs that I heard in a row on Nemone’s show a few weeks ago. The start of this track immediately presents a Ratatat vibe, presented a melancholy but ultimately peaceful vibe for us to chew on, before breaking out into what I would describe as modern experimental trip hop, a genre I now consider myself deeply grateful for after my infatuation with Moth Equals’ One Tusk (and his other work). This is very similar to that in tone and style, but slower and more evenly paced throughout, making it less intensive and involving a listen, more relaxing but perhaps not as stirring. It’s taken from his debut album Engravings (26 August, 2013), which I’m probably going to have to get into if it keeps channelling all these other artists I adore, and was played on the radio to highlight the release of his new second album Compassion (5th May 2017), which as you can see, has just come out. Mr. Swords (his real name is Matthew Barnes) has also worked with a variety of other notable names in the alternative electronica scenes on remixes and other fun, such as Young Fathers and These New Puritans, as well as doing some work on video game sound tracks (such as Assassins Creed), so he’s kept busy. Jazzy name, as well: just who is responsible for these swords in the forest? are they self supporting and independently operating? Or are they controlled by some as yet unknown darker power? Anyway, another great artist to add to my ever expanding list of sword based bands.