Daily Dose: ‘Stupid Things’ by Girl Ray

This track is really worth it for the intro alone (at least on the youtube version), which is so unbelievably on the nose as a seventies crooning backing music that I’m forced to assume that it was done ironically or else hipster music may have gone to far. This is all very trendy and popular, from start to finish: the band name, the vocals, the lyrics about young love that tug on the ol’ heartstrings, the indie rock downtrodden nature of it all, and it will do well in relevant circles. I like the fact that their an all girl trio making their own quirky, subtle songs with pretty vocals, I’m slightly less keen on the fact that they are using that platform to produce tender, winsome, emotional songs about romance and love, but they can make what music they want and I’m sure lots of people who are not tragic sociopaths will definitely be into it. It’s certainly clever enough; even I (because I am clearly something of a hipster at heart) was connived into a knowing smirk at the album title, which is Earl Grey (23rd June, 2017, so it’s brand new), and is hopefully as pleasing to listen to as it is to say alongside the band name. I’ll give it a crack on one of my less cynical days. Also, their lead singer is called Poppy Hankin (flanked adroitly by Iris McConnell and Sophie Moss), so they’re clearly aware that they have nomenclature on their side and have decided to exploit that sucker for all that it is worth. It’s very nice, it has something of a classic vibe to it, and it’s bassline gets around town like it’s a barhopping northerner, so there’s very much some spark for people to enjoy here.


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