Daily Dose: ‘Waterfall’ by Atlantic Ocean

Early nineties trance isn’t always the most varied thing in the world, but it’s nostalgic as all heck, and when you’ve had a couple of drinks (or more), it takes on a certain undefinable power. You feel every untz, every wub, as your eyes widen and your brain struggles against the restraining confines of its head. I liked it enough to go back to it at the time, and returning to it now on a nice Saturday afternoon after some time out, the metronomic quality has a hold over me. Atlantic Ocean were from Holland, and comprised of Lex van Coeverden (born November 28, 1970) and Rene van der Weyde (born 10 August 1971). This was their most successful track, released in 1993, and becoming notorious for the sheer amount of times it made onto a Ministry of Sound compilation album (remember when that was a thing)? There’s also a bunch of edits and remixes, as you’d expect for such a thing. Fun fact: a remix version actually beat the original in the UK charts (when they were even remotely important) by a whole entire space, slotting in at 21 over two years after the original has topped out at 22. Sure, if you didn’t like nineties trance or the movement at all this wont change your mind, but my goodness if you hold some fondness for the era and it’s music then do what I did: find a nice day, get a couple beers down you and throw it on. You can forget about it afterwards, its okay.


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