Daily Dose: ‘Animals’ by Baths

On the other hand, I know exactly where I heard this: in a trendy café bar in Sheffield. I had some luxuriant vegan pancakes, and introduced my companion for the meal to my annoying habit of just whipping out my phone at inopportune moments and shazzaming whatever catches my ear. This caught my ear, because it’s light and airy positive sounding electronic music, which I don’t know if you’ve noticed, is kind of my bag. Upon later listening it also incorporates a worthy amount of fun and goofiness into its oeuvre, demonstrated by the samples of interviews with children sprinkled throughout at a not loud enough to be annoying level in the mix, a surprisingly difficult skill that seems to evade musicians throughout history. He’s been taking a lot of cues from Sauce favourites Board of Canada in his use of repetition and dream like instrumentation, even if he lacks their bizarre structure and occasional forays into musical ennui, it’s still a great influence to draw from if you can do so tactfully and interestingly, which Baths manages. His real name is Will Wiesenfeld, he’s pretty young, so he’s still got some future tricks to wow us with, and he’s from Los Angeles, which would certainly explain the sunniness in this song. Although this track doesn’t reinvent alternative electronica, it’s got me very keen to hear more. It’s taken from his debut album, Cerulean, (22nd June, 2010) and although he has blessed us with two subsequent records, this is the one I’m going to delve further into first. I’ve got a good feeling about my walk to work tomorrow.


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