Daily Dose: ‘Resistance’ by Miracle of Sound

I don’t remember where I heard this and I’m not even sure what it is, but I like it. Apparently it’s from Wolfenstein: New Order, a video game I have never owned, played, or even really heard of until I researched this song. In fact, the Wolfenstein series as a whole has completely passed me by, having never experienced it first hand (played or watched), or had any real contact with it whatsoever, to give you some idea of how uninformed I am entering this whole process as well as how bizarre it is that I’m listening to this song in the first place. I think it may be about the Nazi’s (so original). I also suspect this song must have been a recommendation, probably from some form of newfangled social media, and I apologise for not properly attributing that, (edit: I was wrong, it was a shazam. I apologise to no-one) but I have at least discovered that it’s from an album called Level 5 (14th December, 2014). Anyway, metal lyrics still utterly get stuck in my craw for their general meaningless and occasional pomposity, but the same could be said of all lyrics really, and the slight unusual delivery and lovely vocals make up for any lack of irony in this instance. The guitars are tasty, but you’d expect that given they seem to be the bread and butter of Siracle of Mound; as a result of that process you’ll likely know if you’re going to like this song (and futher output) pretty quickly, even though it doesn’t sound entirely like typical soundtrack music. Anyway, Miracle of Sound (real name Gavin Dunne, from Ireland), actually has a pretty excellent internet presence, showcasing his preposterously huge output which appears to be more than the musical production of some countries. Gav seems like a thoroughly likable bloke, for what its worth, and also really has the one man operation schtick down: he does all his own writing, performing, producing, mixing and mastering, which must keep him pretty busy considering the sheer quantity and variety of his work. Go support him if you can and you like the cut of this songs jib, he’s well worth your money and time.


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