Daily Dose: ‘Paintings for the Flood’ by Saltillo and Richard Walters

Another Saltillo recommendation from my main guy Mr. Nick Hayes, and while it’s still not my favourite musical project in the world, I’ll rue the day I’m not happy to hear new things, and this fills a handy niche regardless. Should you want to know more about Saltillo in general see previous entry, because I’m going to focus on the song as much as possible in isolation here, which will make something of change to my usual trick of meandering aimlessly all over the place. I’ve been using this particular tune very successfully as a motivator to walk to work as fast as practically possible, which the trademark busy mechanical drum beat provides a great aid towards. They lyrics are bordering on nonsensical, but hey, at least they make for a good story. It’s that thumping percussion, combined with the familiar orchestral strainings and the do-it-yourself mentality that pervades all of Menton J. Matthews III work (right down to his Wikipedia entry, I’d wager), that mark it out as the kind of nearly-industrial fare that seems to get considerable followings whilst being sneered at by mainstream music media as well as the trendy indie outlets. You probably already really know whether you like it or not, but there may well be a few who go into it fairly ambivalent like myself and end up listening to it more than they’d perhaps expect. Those little unexpected surprises are what life is for, right?


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