Daily Dose: ‘The Soul of Morpheus and the Comet Man’ by Christian Tiger School

This is a pretty relaxing relaxing and sedate and sedate affair, perhaps more so than I was expecting. So much so that it was a bad choice of song to listen to on my way to work, as I was nearly late as a result of meandering along peacefully without a care in the world. This style of modern day downtempo electronica/modern trip hop (trip pop?), while usually outstanding to listen to, doesn’t usually impose speed of action upon the listener, for better or worse. This tune is powered by some really deep bass (and bass drum) action, along with a mysterious female vocal loop, and it’s a fun ride in the style of a slightly less flamboyant Moth Equals. One of the reasons I think I thought it was going to be a more intense experience than it was was due to the unashamedly outrageous names, which I’m all for but which do imply a bit more a bumpy ride than this provides, so be aware. I’m so mellowed out by repeated listens I’m trying to fall asleep in the early afternoon, which is a great advert for the song (sort of) but not so fantastic while at work. Christian Tiger School, real names Sebastiano Zanasi and Luc Veermeer, hail from Cape Ton in South Africa, and apparently have had/are having a UK tour in 2017, which is exciting news. This is taken from their so far only album The Third Floor (9th November, 2012, not to be confused with a similarly titled McFly album), which I’ve heard a couple other songs off and they’re also darkly relaxing and enjoyable. The only thing I would say about this track is that the ending is a bit of a squib, although it does loop on itself nicely so it’s not as egregious as it could be. They have a lovely health presence on soundcloud if you wish to sample their work, but do remember to support newer artists financially! These guys deserve it.


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