Daily Dose: ‘3D Carpets’ by Fader

I wish I knew more about this, but google is pretty much unresponsive, so I have to go with what I can remember from my notes I took when I first heard it on the radio. It’s a quirky, low key electronica joint that confounds and excites, and was the track I noticed first on the show that made me go back and listen to the series of tunes. The vocal drop in the chorus, understated but devastating, is what did it. It’s taken the advancements made by modern electro-pop/indie bands into something that’s actually, when focused upon, pretty dang spooky and otherworldy, with it’s highly exposed and clarion like instrumentation and it’s hugely echoed and unclear vocals. It’s taken from an album called First Light (coming out on 23rd June, 2017, apparently), and is a project featuring Neil Arthur from synthpop band Blancmange and a chap called Benge who is a member of Wrangler no I’m afraid I don’t really know either. Hopefully the rest of the album is a spacy, uptempo and irreverent as this track; I feel like following on from the song ‘Stamps’ a while back I’m really on a roll with songs about banal household items. It might be among my new favourite form of media. Also, what the heck is a 3-D carpet, anyway? Are not all carpets 3-D? Is there such a thing as a 2-D carpet? the mind absolutely boggles, which may be the point. Really fun track though, looking forward to when the album comes out.


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