Daily Dose: ‘Last Confession’ by Værket

Okay cokey, now it’s time to get nuts, as we grafdduate to the last and craziest track on this three-song stand. Meet Værket, from Copenhagen and this outrageous epic of a song (be warned, listener: this is over ten minutes long) that they have brought for our pleasure. Straight away, it’s fairly obvious that these guys don’t believe in doing things by halves, or indeed believe in doing anything less than 2037% at all times, which is to be generally applauded. There’s parts of this that sound like a Runrig song, there’s parts that sound like the Strawbs, there’s parts that sound like Metalica with trumpets, there’s parts that sound like space age freak-prog, it really is a bezerk mess. I absolutely adore it, and all of it takes place with an intensity that I usually reserve for the dramatic climax to a movie or a particularly chaotic and humorous fight. As you’ve presumamably gathered, there is so much to unpick here: I’m not a huge fan of the flute outside of a classical setting (I will concede, under duress, that it has some uses in a jazz setting) but I can’t get upset about it here because there is just far, far too much going on to get hung up about one aprticaulr aspect. The variety and intensity turns the whole package into a complete assault, from start to finish, and you’ve gotta batten down your mental hatches and ride the storm just to get through it. Information gathering on the band has proven difficult, because their web prescence is limited and I do not speak Danish, but I can tell for certain that Værket are young, fresh, and have a really bright future ahead of them if they carry on like this. They released a four song EP (more that than album, I guess) called Jealousy Hits last year, which I’ve already resolved to listen to tomorrow because even if the other songs on it are a quarter as good as this it will still be time well spent. Apparently there may be a self-titles debut album in the works as well? I’m confused about whether that’s true or not, which coincidentally will be pretty similar to how you feel the first time you listen to this song, along with a huge dollop of euphoria and amazement. If you think you can hack the bizarreness, it’s a must listen.


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