Daily Dose: ‘Calypso’ by The Physics House Band

We’ve jumped to somewhere between psychadelia and math-rock now, but this remains remarkably concise for so themed a venture. The Physica House Band have a superb name, hail from Brighton, and are an experiemtal rock outfit operating since 2011. Did I put those items in order of importance? You decide! Working as a Drums-Bass-Guitar outfit in this day and age has it’s pitfalls; I feel like the pressure to wow or confuse with such a setup is slightly greater than if you have a bit more of an quirky instrumentation setup, but it’s worked great in the past, so’s there’s no reason that it can’t amaze again with the right group of individuals, personalities and talents. These guys perhaps don’t quite amaze, but they certainly impress. This track is hectic, manic, but also still impresssivly efficient. It stuck out to me straight away as a tune that bore investigation, and it’s proved on repeat listen to be a technically assembled, mechanically proficient piece of enjoyable rock music, which is higher praise than perhaps it sounds. The band is something of a critical darling, as much for their clever, understated ideas as for their idiosyncratic mesh of frantic activity and serene flow. The album, Mercury Fountain (21st April, 2017), is fluid, easing from one track to another to form a contuing musical narrative, so much so that if you reportedly play the record on repeat it loops back on itself seamlessly. I’ve not listened to it soup to nuts yet, but I’ll try to make the time at some point because it’s neat that this kind of math-rock is getting more mainstream attention again (I’m into my trio era King Crimson at the moment, and these guys have more than a bit of that in them). If you like unhurried, fluent experimental rock, you’ll like this.


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