Daily Dose: ‘Stamps’ by R. Stevie Moore and Jason Falkner

Tow set of trios coming up, and they are a befuddling set, no doubt, so you’ve been warned. Let’s start out with the first of the initial tree, taken as songs from Stuart Maconie’s brilliant Freak zone show some months ago. This track is part of a series I’m running where I talk a lot about songs made that concern mundane household objects. The reason being: there probably has been a song about stamps before, but I’ll bet their haven’t been many. Anyhoo, R. Stevie Moore and Jason Falkner are both underground indie legends of a sort, although in somewhat different spheres, and now they’ve decided to form a team and release an album, know as Make it Be (10th March, 2017). I’ll be listening to it sometime when I have the time (probably in 2018, at this rate), because this tune combines bezerk behavior and banality in a fun way that I’m a huge backer of. On a day like today, when all around is realist based terror, a surreal song about a roll or book of stamps is just what I need. The urge to “go postal” when this track tells me to is overwhelming. I don’t know if I can fight it. I don’t know if I want to fight it. Genuinely though, for lovers of different, confusing rock, this is a delight, and I’d recommend it highly to all.

We started off pretty wild on this troika, but we’re only gonna get loopier from here on out.


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