Daily Dose: ‘Someday’ by Julia Jacklin

The lyrics to this song stirred memory in me straight away (my musical memory is the only memory I still possess), but it really did take me a while to work out where exactly it was from. For those who aren’t aware, it’s a Strokes cover, and it’s a fairly decent one at that. I could pretty much take or leave the Strokes, apart from ‘Reptilia’, ’12:51′, and maybe a couple other songs from Room on Fire (28 October, 2003). Other than that meh. I tell you this so you understand my starting position when I declare this cover to be vastly superior to the original song. It’s just a much nicer, slower, more appropriate take on the lyrics, in my humble opinion, and I credit the boldness of the idea of doing it in a folky manner. I don’t know very much about Julia Jacklin other than that she’s a hit new young thing coming out of Australia and she’s released a debut album called Don’t Let the Kids Win (7 October, 2016). I heard some of her live set for a festival she did recently (perhaps the radio 6 festival? I don’t recall) and it was solid-to-good, but this was the track that made me go “oh, that’s clever” the most, I guess because I’m a sucker for different genres in my covers. I’m going to go back and check out Julia Jacklin’s album at some point, because I’ve heard enough to be intrigued.


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