Daily Dose: ‘The Strangle Of Anna’ by The Moonlandingz (feat. Rebecca Taylor)

The Moonlandingz have shock value, that’s for certain. This value is provided by: (including but limited to) Lias Saoudi and Saul Adamczewski of the Fat White Family, ECR’s Dean Honer, an imagined up backstory and a whole lot of wildness. They feature Fat White Family’s brand of anarchic, surrealist staging and showmanship, combined with some spooky gothed up disco-esque noisiness, and it all makes for an enticing package. I went through all of the debut album Interplanetary Class Classics (24 March, 2017) last month on a trip, because I’d seen and heard enough to make a point of doing so. With all the hype and the songs that I’d heard so far, I was getting close to expecting a year end top five album (for me), which I don’t think it quite lived up to, but oh well, that’s the burden of high expectations, sometimes. Regardless, this was one of the songs I’d heard before that album listen, and it’s downbeat moodiness speaks to my soul. It’s more than a little bit Velvet Underground, that’s for sure, but if it’s a tribute at least it’s a high quality modernised one. Like the album, it is both crazy (although a more subdued kind of crazy) and also features the kind of clever songwriting that you would expect given the sources, and hooks that get with you and stick with you (even if this one isn’t quite as unhinged). Exhilarating, vivid, and unique, even if the album didn’t meet my perhaps over-hyped expectations, this is still a really good listen.


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