Daily Dose: ‘A Fan Mail’s Tron Song Suite II’ by Thundercat

Thundercat (real name Stephan Bruner) seems like a real rad dude. He’s worked with some huge names for while now, guys like Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar (he appeared on hypestorm album To Pimp a Butterfly, winning a Grammy for his work on ‘These Walls’ for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. I’ve not got through his third album, Drunk (24th February, 2017) yet, but I’m already pretty certain that it’s going to be a masterpiece. Everything about it feels like it’s going to hit the spot for me, from the cover to the kooky of this song to the opening distorted meows. First off, we should highlight Thundercats two main obvious attractions, his beautiful voice and luxuriant, incredibly talented bass playing, both of which are on display on this track. It’s funky jazz fusion, so it’s not the showiest spectacle in the world, but any song with the lyrics “I wanna be a cat, I’m gonna be a cat” complete with accompanying, auto tuned meows has to be one of the easiest musical ways of making me smile I’ve encountered this year. Truly, it is a irreverent delight, and I’m immediately taken with it. Sonically, it’s very much like Bibio, only with the bass as the primary river of sound as opposed to the guitar, and if you like one you’ll most probably like the other. Perfect music for a sunny spring day when you’ve started drinking just slightly too early and are now more than a little sunburnt and dispensing advice to passes by. If you are a Hull resident, the advice will at least occasional be cultured, because even the drunks in Hull are cultured.


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