Daily Dose: ‘Lavender’ by Snoop Dogg and BADBADNOTGOOD (feat. Kaytranada)

It’s the multi-faceted collaboration we didn’t know we wanted, but have in fact never needed more. This is the ultimate team for the current era, bringing us the “Nightfall” remix of an already ace track from a brilliant album. I was late to BBNG’s fifth album IV (8th July, 2016, don’t think about the name), which is why it’s not on my favourite list for last year, but it really is a masterpiece. It was Radio 6’s top album of last year for one very good reason: because it made electronic jazz sound absolutely essential, which is pretty impressive for four (a long time only three) dudes from Toronto who just liked playing tunes. Some people don’t like it for it’s randomness and disparate nature, and that’s fine, but it’s not mine of BBNG’s fault that such people desire their music to be more boring. They’ve long been pioneers in terms of their reinterpretations of jazz and hip-hop (and sometimes both together), and now they’ve been meshed with highlight reel up and comer Kaytranada and legendary favourite of smoker, rap lovers, and memespewers everywhere Snoop Dogg. This version apparently came about due to Snoop having a blast one at some lyrics that tackle the disgrace that is American police brutality. It subsequently was placed on his fifteenth studio album, Neva Left (19th May, 2017). It lacks the sheer exhilaration factor of a lot of BadBadNotGood’s work, but makes up for that in important message, irrepressible smoothness and melancholy, relaxing-yet-inspiring chorus. It’s a top listen and I’m hype that these guys all smashed it when they inadvertently did a song together.


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