Daily Dose: ‘Better Off Dead’ by Bad Religion

First things first, I am waaaaaaaaaay behind. Hopefully I’ll have some proper time to catch-up sooner rather than later, but my life workload is fairly severe right now. I’ll just have to operate with a backlog for now, and my apologies for that.

Secondly, something has gone wrong with my dating system, leading to some confusing post orders. Hopefully everything is all okay now, but I’ll keep an eye on it going forward.

For now, let’s close out last month with some truly enjoyable nineties punk rock (back when that sound was still somewhat fresh) in the form of LA rockers Bad Religion, a band which I could recall certain songs pretty well but whose wider catalogue pretty much passed me by. They make extensive use of three-part vocal harmonies (including in this song), which I’m a huge fan of not just because harmony i my life but also because they’re only one dude short of a barbershop, which is a good place to be as well as a great phrase to use. They’re big on social responsibility, chatting politics and slamming dogmatic religion (good on them), and this song gets right into most of those topics without too much delay. It’s from their eight album, Stranger than Fiction (6th September, 1994), showing they’d held up pretty well for a band that sounds like it started out as a bunch of kids who listened to too much Ramones and Black Flag. I really like this, and it’s aged well for something that in many ways is a period piece – I think the modern pop-punk crowd could really get into this. The bleakness, energy, pleasant harmonies, fun guitar solo are all present and correct. The only thing that ever so slightly mars it for me is the ending, but it’s a minor gripe, because the remaining two minutes and thirty seconds of the song is a poignant reminder that while everything is terrible at least it sounds like it kicks arse.


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