Daily Dose: ‘Aaaah’ by Disconnection

This is somewhat out here, but not too far out there, in an incredibly pleasing way. It’s not too intense or at all aggressive, but the oddness of lead distorted “aaaah” noises may not do it for some people. I’m a big fan of the whole process right from the title on down, and I wish I knew more about its inception and creation. It was on Nemone’s show a while back and I put it under songs that I needed to go back to, not just because eastern sounds in electronic music have always had a bit of a hold on me but also because it struck me how impressive it was that it managed to create a recognisable, familiar and potentially conventional (whatever you take that term to be) song structure out of wholly unconventional and mismatched sounds. So far as I can tell, it’s from an EP called Bali Ha’i (June 3rd 2016), but there’s some story here: apparently the EP single came out originally in 1982?, and it’s not clear to me exactly whether this track was an initial part of the release or added later (it is pointed out that it was penned by Angela Jaeger though). Some mystery about this track then, I’m afraid, although I think it doesn’t detract from what is kind of mysterious faux exotica piece anyway. Check it out if you’re feeling a bit weird, it moves around on ya.


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