Daily Dose: ‘Lord Above’ by Matt Berry

Matt Berry, perhaps best known for having the voice of an angel, the television charisma of a devil and the sex appeal of a god, also has the far less widely known but definitely more important traits of being a genuinely interesting man and a magnificent musician. You may remember him from landmark bastions of inspirational comedy such as Darkplace and The IT Crowd, but here we’re more concerned with his varied and impressive musical career, which is slowly gaining prominence as he dedicates more time to it and people start to work out how much of a genius he is. He’s made a bunch of prog-rock albums, often intertwined with the themes of sleep of sleep deprivation (a topic close to his heart), one of the more recent ones being The Small Hours (16th September, 2016). It didn’t seem to go down as well with the critics, but it produced snappy little numbers like this and at the end of the day Matt Berry is still basically the ultimate Renaissance man, so he can afford to disappoint a few critics every now and again. His line in easy going jazz rock breaks out in the second half of the album, and it’s a joy to witness, provided you appreciate the inherent tongue in cheekiness of the whole affair. You can take that sax solo at the end seriously, you’ve just got to cut loose and enjoy it. Pretend you’re in the 1920’s or the 70’s or something, you can do it.


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