Daily Dose: ‘Fountain of Good Fortune’ by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Let’s go ahead and turn this into a mini-album review, because I don’t know squat about Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever outside of this work, which I listened to in full today. This taken from the French Press EP (10th March, 2017), which I can heartily recommend to anyone who like me sometimes just requires a bit of indie rock to make the world seem less horrible and your own self feel right again. The other interesting element that popped into my head in my first listen of it was how much it took me back through my indie rock history: the opening title track summons up visions of Real Estate back in the day, all sneaky lyrics and highly melodic guitars. Later on, during ‘Sick Bug’, I can’t help but feel like this is similar to the sorts of songs that REM would be making circa 1996, with its jangly opening guitar riff and verging on off tune vocals. By contrast, ‘Colours Run’ has a slight pleasant Husker Du tinge developing around proceedings with its melancholy, stream of consciousness uninterested vocals and pride of place and spirited guitar solo (it just needed to be a little bit more unintelligible). What I’m trying to explain is that it feels to me like it picks a lot of cues from a lot of places, but none of it is distressingly overt, they’re all great influences to have, and it all manages to just about mesh together into something still coherent.

Anyway, enough about the EP, because I don’t have the time to do a full run down of it or make it its own feature; know that while comparisons aren’t always a positive development (everyone is derivative, but being labelled as such is usually a negative), in this case they add an intriguing element to some already strong and varied work. This may well be my favourite track on the album, a slow, almost country piece (similar sort of vibe to some of the music Palace Winter make) that got my endorphins flowing regardless. I wasn’t expecting the gradual shift to from indie pop to alternative rock to fusion country throughout this EP, but there we are, these guys have some form. Maybe go check it out.


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