Daily Dose: ‘Boyfriend’ by Marika Hackman

First and foremost, the lyrics to this are brilliant, so my hat goes off to you, Marika Hackman. Forget Katy Perry, she’s garbage compared to this. Secondly, the music is so very female fronted Britpop, for better or worse. I feel like I could be listening to Lush or Belly, with but a few modern alterations and some artiness thrown in for good measure; perhaps just a personal inference, but I noticed it fairly quickly and it’s stuck with me on every subsequent listen. This certainly sounds like it’s gone in a real different direction from her first album, We Slept at Last, that’s for sure, avoiding the folksy ethereal feel that permeated that record and replacing it with 30% more howling. It’s going to be the opening track from her second album, I’m Not Your Man (2nd June, 2017), which has the feel of a statement piece, and that statement is: “up yours, buddy”. Sounds kinda exiting, right? Hackman is now being backed up by London fourpiece indie rockers The Big Moon (who’ve just plopped out their own debut album, actually: Love in the 4th Dimension, 6th April, 2017), and the infusion of trendy hipster guitar sounds onto her work appears to be a pretty natural fit. Plus, I’m a big fan of sticking it to the man, and this is a pretty direct interpretation of that concept taken forth in song, so I’m pretty pumped by that.


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