Daily Dose: ‘The Egg’ by Autechre

Last one on the electronic music bender before we have a bit more variety, I promise. I wanted to put this track here because in the same way that I saw ambient IDM parallels between Caribou and The Dice Man and their respective songs previously, I find certain similarities here between this and the brilliant Blanck Mass track that just preceded it. It’s not nearly as vivid or visceral, but imagine this hyped up by about fifteen degrees, throw in some modern technology, and I tend to think something close to ‘The Rat’ might be what comes out. This, following on from Speedy J and aforementioned Dice Man, will be the last time I prattle on about a Maconie featured Artificial Intelligence track. It might have been the start (or thereabouts) for Autechre, but they’ve been banging the drum for the ambient techno/IDM cause all the way through to the present day, with a bunch of pretty decent albums in between. They’re a duo from Rochdale, that hotbed of experimental electronica, and are comprised of Rob Brown and Sean Booth, who specialise in intricate, complicated patterns and rhythms and ridiculously long DJ mixes. This covers a lot of ground, and whilst it’s functionally not too intense throughout, it’s a neat bit of history that still sounds pretty great to this day despite getting on for thirty years old. The methods and tech may have dated, but I’m not sure the sound will ever get old.


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