Daily Dose: ‘The Rat’ by Blanck Mass

This is absolutely scintillating. I’ve liked everything that I’ve heard from Blanck Mass before this to lodge them in my mind as something intriguing that I’ve noted as something that I have to heavily into at a later date. That date is now, and the catalyst is this absolute barnstormer of a record, all striking power and domineering swagger. Benjamin John Power has really tapped into his aggression and metal, even more so than before, and the result is this bundle of hard-hitting, expansive, bruising electronica, and I love it. I’ve thrown the World Eater EP (3rd March, 2017) straight to the top of my pile for my walk to work tomorrow, and I’m excited to see how much I like the supposed abrasion that the whole album brings as opposed to just one songs worth of bracing assault. Anyway, the mileage you get with this track depends on how far down the weird scale you like your electronic music to be: it’s not as difficult as something as, say, Andy Stott, but it has that hardcore industrial quality to it that divides opinion. As you’ve probably gathered, I’m pretty enamoured of it (one of the best songs I’ve heard so far, I think) even though I have very much a love/hate relationship with that sound. Like a lot of Blanck mass tracks, it builds and builds and builds, until about one minute thirty where those sparkling synths fire up to max and I am wholly freaking invested. As a soundtrack to the horrific world of today, it feels like Power has hit the nail on the head.


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