Daily Dose: ‘Polygon Window’ by The Dice Man

Stuart Maconie dedicated some time on his show to the incredible influential (as well as being pretty fantastic) Artificial Intelligence (subsequently referred to as Volume 1, 9th July, 1992) compilations album, released by Warp Records and predating a time when “dance” music went through an incredible shift. It’s true that people did rave about it at the time, but I guess it’s become even more important given the thoroughness of the IDM/ambient electronica revolution that has occurred recently. The effort to, and I paraphrase a quote from the time, to get it into people’s minds that you were not supposed to dance from it must have been a significant one at the beginning of the nineties when electronic music was in the throes of yet another startling evolution. Although you may not know it, you’re probably already familiar with the work of The Dice Man. It was one of many of the aliases used around that time by a one Richard D. James, better known as Aphex Twin. There’s a few little hints that give a clue to this origin, the glitchy nature of the synths in parts, the early ambient nature of the pacing, the slightly spooky low-middle end of the instrumentation. I enjoyed it, but it undoubtedly doesn’t have some of the ridiculous flair and abrasiveness as some of his later work, for better or worse. It’s interesting as a period piece and as an early James work, and you may find it intriguing for such, even if you don’t get into its early ambient techno groovings.


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