Daily Dose: ‘Silver’ by Caribou

It must be about time for another Caribou album, I think. This is from his most recent work, Our Love (6th October, 2014) An album that I didn’t get as obsessively into as I did its predecessor swim, (apart from the extended mix of Can’t Do Without You and especially Second Chance but one that I feel like I could really get sucked into with the benefit of hindsight. It features some really high quality intelligent house music, such as this track, which I had sort of forgotten about until the other day and then had the realisation that it was actually really quite sick. It’s time for my usual aside that I’m sure I mention every time I talk about Dan Snaith: he has a doctorate in mathematics from Imperial, which is frankly unfair. You don’t have to be an expert mathematician to enjoy this, however (although who knows, it may help), as the peaceful yet intricate beats, bloops and sampled sounds are both accessible and friendly, while still being weird enough to provide crunch for those who like their techno on the advanced setting. There’s several reasons why the whole album was so highly touted, and one is because of emotionally involving and subtly deep tracks like this, that I never really appreciated properly before (this is the first time that I’ve ever really listened to the lyrics, and they’re pretty attention catching if you stop to consider them and don’t just get lost in the hooks like I usually do). Either way, Caribou remains a name you can very much trust when it comes to fusion electronica.


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