Daily Dose: ‘Telephone’ by Sinkane

Sinkane (born Ahmed Gallab in London) seems like a cool dude, and he’s been working on his music for over a decade now, which is a fair old time to be doing anything. I generally enjoy his albums without absolutely falling in love with them, but they’re always a fantastic blend of styles and influences into one incredibly coherent whole. This is from his most recent work, Life and Livin’ It (10th February, 2017), released a couple of months ago to give him a great head start on the “light summer go-to record” competition (I jokingly assume). The production is flawless, the instrumentation fluent and breezy, the influences and sounds almost as varied as the earth itself. As for this song in particular, well, if you like fun, you will probably like this song, it’s really that sinple. I can’t say how much you’ll like it, but it may well get you shifting around somewhat, which given that it’s functionally dance music in many ways, is all we can ask. This song may also have additional impact if People phoning you up looking for hanky panky is a relatable, serious issue for you, but I can’t actually comment on that. Lucky Sinkane, I guess. One final thing: the video, like everything else to do with the song and album, is an enjoyable slice of light hearted fun. Check it out, it is both punchy and quite short, a surefire combo for entertainment.


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