Daily Dose: ‘Yungpawel’ by Ed Dowie

Can’t remember where I first heard this, but I do remember immediately thinking that it was stunningly beautiful, as well as quite striking in its ethereal quality. I got more emotional reaction from this song than I have from any other in quite a long while: the space and emptiness feels omnipresent here, and I got a real sense of nervousness while listening to it. In part, that might be because of the reference in the title of the album (his debut) this song is taken from: The Uncle Sold, a play on the novel The Unconsoled, a novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, an interesting author who’s received an incredible amount of critical acclaim for his work. Interestingly, this book was apparently mostly panned when it came out, but hey, they can’t all be winners, and it still got me thinking rather existentially about Ishiguro’s background and his country of origin. Perhaps this track is longing for a faraway land alone? Maybe I’m just projecting my take on it, but it got me doing a lot of thinking regardless, mostly about hopelessness and acceptance. Anyway, see what it does for you, it’s not going to be a deep trip for everyone, I’m sure; musically it’s a very pleasant experimental ambient tune, and I think provided you don’t require your music to be of a high intensity all the time, you’ll at least appreciate the elegance of it. Maybe it’ll put you down some brain based rabbit holes as well. The album reminds of Dead Can Dance a little its artistic minimalism, so not exactly what you would call high intensity bangers or the sort of thing that you would throw on before a night out at the club, but it is appealing and pleasant sounding nonetheless.


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