Daily Dose: ‘Renata’ by James Holden

Or sometimes just “Holden”, depending on the day. Let’s dip back into some electronic music with this track from a few years ago that I heard again recently. It caught my attention recently as I track I wanted to go back to because I adore how desperately unhinged it sounds, like it’s about to slide off at any moment from becoming a coherent song and just become a sound art installation of some description, before it jolts back into something recognisable that can be processed. It remains an engaging joy to listen to if you like your electro fairly experimental and out of kilter or are a big fan of pure unfettered synth noises. It does come over as highly technical which might not be to the taste of some, but the construction is as delicate as it is mechanical at points, the artistic vision being expressed in the nearly wild wrangling of the varied bleeps and bloops.

It’s from an album called The Inheritors (16th June, 2013), which as a complete work is engaging if somewhat intimidating for its auteur driven comprehensiveness. Arty types raved over the album, and if you are an analogue apologist, you may well be a fan of the warm sound and throwback ramshackle production. Holden’s got skill, that much is apparent, but to be honest with you I’ve not heard enough of the album to hold it up as a pinnacle of the art, I’ll leave that to the music hipsters. I’ve enjoyed coming back and re-listening to this song immensely, though.


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