Daily Dose: ‘Cosmic Goodbye’ by Ten Grams

I don’t know anything about Ten Grams or this song, so I’m listening to this now almost entirely without context. I’d wager it quite likely that others may be as well, you can find it here, for the record. My only knowledge is that ten grams is only 0.01 kilograms, and that’s more of a mathematics issue, which oddly is what this track kind of reminds me of, it feels quite cold and numerical. IT starts out with some atmospheric synth sounds that make me thing of a city, before the drop kicks in and the processed clap beat becomes our primary focus. It’s certainly impacting with its robotic insistence, although I sometimes like my techno to have a little more verve, something that is provided towards the end when there’s a little synth hook seeing us out. After some investigation, it turns out that Ten Grams are actually brothers Alessandro and Davide, who hail from Italy, and have a fair bit of previous in the electronic music scene, although not all with this brand of old school stripped back percussion type affairs. I do appreciate the mystic, futuristic hinting of the synths in the middle section though, they remind of things like the Mass Effect soundtrack (back when the series was good) or other wondrous sci-fi experience, video game or otherwise. If somewhat minimalist, metronome like techno is your thing then this is a must have, otherwise it may prove to be something of a curiosity.


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