Daily Dose: ‘In The Midst’ by Sir Was

I think the “s” in sir might be stylised as lower case, but I’m going to be formal and allow them their full title here.

Time for a bit of gooey electronic soul music that I picked for the sole purpose of improving ones general mood in the face of whatever incoming horrible political crisis that happens next. It’s kind of working on me, which is impressive, so if you want to get your good headspace groove on, I really would suggest you give this a shot. It’s from an album called Digging a Tunnel (10th March, 2017), which I gave a run through on one of my walks home from work this week, because I got the impression that it’s upbeat, rhythmic jazzy walking music (I was mostly right). Sir Was appears functionally to be a dude called Joel Wästberg from Sweden, which isn’t at all where I would have guessed, as this sounds more Gorda than Gothenburg. Perhaps The Golden State has more in common with Scandawegia than we though. Anyway, this tune is a fantastic soundtrack to get you through a tough day, because it is the musical equivalent of anti-stress, and I think a lot of us could do with more of that in our lives. I’m certainly a big fan of chilling forever as a modus operandi, and I can confirm that the album continues the relaxed funk vibe all the way. It reminds me of a more bassy Bibio, which was really nice but did tax my cheap bud headphones that I use on my work walks, so bear that in mind. Still, you should know I rode that funky fresh vibe all the way to hyperspace.


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