Daily Dose: ‘Brother’ by Darius Vaikas

Onto the last bit of electronic music for today, and following both of the musical based developments from track to track, it’s the most sparse and ambient, as well as being the most recent chronologically. It’s the first track on the four song Oasis EP (10th February, 2017), which I’ve given a listen through to today and can provide a thumbs up and a recommendation towards for anyone who is a fan of chilled house music. And guess what I didn’t know about Darius Vaikas (born as Darius Kinderis) until I did a bit of research? He’s from Lithuania, so that’s another country that I can remove from the list of European states I still need to write about a local artist from. He’s been doing DJ and production work since the early 2000’s and has more recently been working on his solo repertoire following on from an album in 2013 (Early Birds). Anyway, this EP is a decent and varied listen if unassuming and friendly tunes are your bag; I would say that not enough electronic artists start their house rumblings with spaced out instrumental ambience married to background frog and bird wildlife noises. If you want to take it easy (which I certainly do at the moment) but still would like some light refreshing wubs then Darius Vaikas is your guy. Start out with this short little number, which is not really house music at all but more a kind of low-key introductory noodling, and see what you think.


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