Daily Dose: ‘Nova’ by GoldFFinch

Do you remember the band MMoths (pronounced I assume Mu-moths or mmmmmoths, as opposed to mammoths) whom I used as hard evidence in my mind for the ever increasing trend amongst artists for quirky characterisation and individualism at any cost? Messirs Goldfinch has taken their gambit and ratcheted it up a notch, by taking the incongruous double capitalised letter jape and inserting it into the middle of a word, a bold manoeuvre not to be attempted by amateurs under any circumstances. This pair of calligraphy based profligates are from Brussels and have been operating around the European house scene for a good long while, but to my mind they could do with a bit more press for what they do because they’ve got some moves to show off on this track. As far as dance/electronic music goes it may be a bit subdued and subtle for some people, but there’s enough darkness and edge for people who are into their club stuff. Generally, although I like all sorts of electronic or dance based music, the stuff that sticks with me is the slower, more emotional stuff (a la Superpoze) which this is reaching towards whilst still possessing that Northern European 5am nightclub feel (10am if you’re in Berlin). It’s taken from a four track EP of the same name that came out towards the close of last year (2nd December, 2016) and if you like your electro grim and brooding give it a blast.


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