Daily Dose: ‘November Rain’ by Steve ‘N’ Seagulls

A friend of my dad’s recommended this band, which I think I’ve stumbled across before a few years ago due to the notoriety of their unusual covers (country/bluegrass takes on popular rock songs seems to be the usual M.O., here) but never really internally processed them. That changes now! Also, thank you for your recommendation Nota, you’re truly the Greek wonder. These guys, however, are Finnish, so I can joyfully tick another country of my European list (still need places such as Latvia, so I’m not that close to tagging every EU country). They are also fantastic. This is from an album called Brothers In Farms, a name for a record so incredible that I really cannot believe that no one has used it so far. As far as albums consisting of sensational bluegrass covers of rock and metal songs go, this is one of the best ones around. The original November Rain is a thoroughly average song by an incredibly average-at-best band that is only redeemed slightly by its impressive outro. This version is a vast improvement in basically every capacity, even if you somehow don’t like country music, as it manages to be actually interesting and tender whilst still quite fun musically. Also, they clearly have no desire to take themselves seriously at all, which I’m huge fan of in any circumstance, but especially among acts that have gone viral for whatever reason. Use that internet fame to be goofy as possible, folks, because anything else is a waste.


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