Daily Dose: ‘Cold Little Heart’ by Michael Kiwanuka

Michael Kiwanuka is on an upward trajectory, which is fantastic, because he’s already great and there is honestly no limit to how good he could be with all that potential, considering that he’s only released two albums to date. This is from the latter, Love and Hate (15th July, 2016), which got pretty much rave reviews across the board from music critics, further fuelling the popularity of the current soul music revival, I would guess. It appears at the moment to be something of a self-fulfilling upward cycle, which I’m certainly happy about for the time being. I’ve got to be honest at this juncture and admit that I didn’t listen to the album until after the start of this year. Sorry! Sometimes you just can’t get around to all of them. This is probably my favourite song from it, the epic yet subdued opener, and it’s a great introduction to Kiwanuka for anyone who isn’t already on the hype train (Which doesn’t appear to be many people, to be honest). There appear to be at least three varieties of this song, the radio cut, a mid-length one and the album version. The middle take is ever so slightly my favourite, it just feels like the most appropriate length to me, but all of them are gold, to be fair The full album version is a thing of some serene psychedelic beauty, with its extended opening and prolonged guitar solo, it feels like it was taken from a concept progressive rock album. His voice is still a total delight, the feel is somehow larger than before but not overreached at all, and it’s all wrapped up here in a song that’s been very well designed and is fabulously played (as the live session video will show you). I wonder what he’ll do next.


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