Daily Dose: ‘Rondo’ by Denis Horvat

Deep house has a lot to offer me at the moment as a musical form, although I could do with less scantily clad ladies who’ve not washed their hair properly on the related youtube vids, there’s more than enough of that available on the internet already. I heard this (and the next song I’ll talk about) a while back on Nemone’s show (as I gather most of my electronic music recommendations from these days) and added them to the pile, but it was so long ago I’ve basically forgotten about them so I’m coming back to them as fresh as anyone else would be. This one takes a while to build, and that repeated bass drum noise can sound quite silly on sub-standard speakers or headphones, but when it kicks off at around one and a half minutes it has a lot to offer the world as a relaxing trip through the more ambient side of techno. It left me feeling so chilled I had to have a quick nap, which is a pretty impressive achievement for anything, let alone a song (I do mean it as a compliment and not some sneaky double meaning, I was trying to wind down a bit). Turns out not everything has to be full on mad go all the time, especially when I’m on holiday. The name Denis Horvat is completely new to me, but he’s from Copenhagen, making him one of the few Danish DJs (or artists in general) that I’ve heard, and he’s been putting out EPs and contributions on a variety of labels since 2011. If you’re a fan of minimalist and quite animalistic (it’s the description that occurred to me, anyway) electronic music, with big sounds but a very smooth approach to presenting them, then this will be something you’ll like.


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