Daily Dose: ‘To The Rescue’ by The Divine Comedy

Neil Hannon, who functionally is The Divine Comedy has got a sneakily fantastic collection of songs, even if you discount ‘Songs of Love’ for a moment. Tracks like ‘National Express’ and ‘A Lady of a Certain Age’ have managed to embed themself in my consciousness, not through any huge fondness for them particularly but because of my admiration for the incredible and evocative storytelling possessed by them and the meticulous nature in which they are constructed. These songs and others that he has made have stuck with me for good reason, and I think a few from the latest album, Foreverland (2nd September, 2016), will as well, because there’s a fair bit on there that I would say is of quite high quality. I like the message behind this song in particular, because pretty much everyone likes being rescued, unless you are very much of the “doing it by yourself”/”I am an Island” mentality in which case fair enough but there’s being self-reliant and then there’s being a damn fool about it. It’s got the usual crafty turn of phrase and attractive sounding lyrics that you’ve probably come to expect from Hannon, and also features an extended outro, something I’m not usually a big fan of but there’s a lot of trumpet getting involved in this particular business which has managed to mitigate my usual sneeriness at such action. All in all, a very pleasant listening experience, from a band that still in many ways is the gold standard of orchestral pop.


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