Daily Dose: ‘Autumn Winds’ by Pia Fraus

In other definite first for me and my writing, we move onto Estonia, the final stop on today’s “Hey isn’t Europe just the best?” tour. This band hails from the capital, Tallinn, a city that I have never visited but would like to, and make a fabulous noise right off the bat. Before I talk more about the euphoric bliss that is this song, though, some quick Estonia facts: did you know that it has a population of around 1.3 million people, and a third of those live in the aforementioned capital? That’s insane to me, as it means has implications such as Tallinn being not much bigger than the city I live in at the moment) and now I have to go there. These guys seem to have been most active in the early 2000’s, which I guess was a good time for shoegaze and dreampop in many ways, and I suspect they may have big fans of Stereolab in their youth, because you can hear a lot of that here. As far as I can tell they’ve not made an album since 2008, but this appears to be an EP release from late last year, so maybe they’ll make another one soon? That would be neat, because this is pretty dang nice and I’m really glad I made a note of it. Also the remixes are sick. Like, really tasty, check them out here, and buy them if you like them and are able to because it’s great to support smaller artists where you can (I especially like the Wolfredt version). I’m gonna listen to these remixes another time through because they are great, and then we’re moving back to UK for a classic that’s continues the theme of being a little bit out there.


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