Daily Dose: ‘Grand Dérèglement’ by Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains

First Dutch, then Norwegian, now French; it’s celebrate the glory of Europe day over here. Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains are a treasure and I love them, and I love their new song. I also love that it means that there’s a new album by them for me to listen to at some stage, titled Solide Mirage (3rd March, 2017), so all in all, there’s a lot for me to enjoy here. Also, I’m sorry if I was spelling the band name wrong before, without the grave accent, I’ve seen both used and I’m not sure which is correct. I hope they can forgive me. Anyway, if you like fun indie pop/folk with just a hint of afrobeat, these guys (whose closest thing to a UK base is Bristol, I believe) are one of the premier acts around, and certainly the most jubilant. Everything about it is bright and cheery, from the breezy guitars to the cutesy vocals to the kooky instrumental fills to the delightfully charming music video. Even the funky distorted intro manages to be somehow an uplifting and pleasant experience. It probably won’t change your life and the way you think about music, but if you want a nice time for your ears, this is absolutely the song to pick (the title of which means great deregulation, by the way, for those English speakers out there). Bless you Frànçois et al, bless you for your unfailingly heartwarming tunes in a world so full of the opposite. Long may you continue.


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