Daily Dose: ‘De-Orbit’ by Speedy J

Hoo! Busy week. I’ll try and drop all seven of this week’s pieces on this fine Sunday, but even on this, my evening off, I have stuff that needs doing. Let’s see how we go.

I’m going to start off with some techno at the end of a busy week, and jeez, what a perfect record this is for such a time. I’ve had this on most days after getting back from work because it’s such a great wind-down jam, and the fact that I generally adore chilled out techno is merely a plus. This was one of the best examples of the new wave of vaguely ambient techno that was causing a stir in the early nineties; This came out in 1991, 25 years ago, and it really hasn’t aged at all (I feel like I have a fair bit). It was eventually released on an album called Ginger (21st June, 1993), which is going straight on my list, and was pretty highly recorded as a piece of what we would now call IDM but back then people described as a kind of “lounge-room techno” because the stupid words and acronyms to categorise it needlessly hadn’t been invented yet. Small aside: Speedy J (real name Jochem George Paap) is also one of the few and in fact possible the only Dutch artists I have so far spoken about on the Sauce, so that’s neat as I tick my way around all the countries in Europe. Regardless of whatever you want to call the music, we can acknowledge it’s quality and its influence regardless (as well as that of some of its peers), as well as the fact that some of today’s electronic artists could learn a thing or two about space and pitch from this. I like it so much, I’m gonna throw it on again to kick off the day.


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