Daily Dose: ‘Ridin’ The Wind’ by The Tornados

Time for some fabulous old instrumental music, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite genres of music. The Tornados have some interesting little tidbits contained within their story, such as their time spent working for the rather tragic Joe Meek, and also as the backing band for the singer Billy Fury. They did a bunch of their own releases in the early sixties, including The Original Telstar: The Sounds of the Tornadoes (1962), which this song was included on. Other neat little factoids include that the rhythm guitarist for The Tornados was George Bellamy, father of Matthew Bellamy, the front man for the band Muse. You’ve probably heard their song ‘Knights Of Cydonia’, notice the similarity? The younger Bellamy based that track on this one, which his father composed, as well as taking inspiration for the guitar part from The Tornado’s number one hit ‘Telstar’. Which is quite neat, especially if you appreciate the romanticism of keeping traditions in the family. Related Tornados side note: ‘Telestar’ was the first U.S. number one single by a British group, which is a really cool fact if you’re into your music history. If you like jaunty vaguely surf rock/pop, this is a winner, and even if you don’t, you’ll probably appreciate three minutes of goofy sixties fun. It turns out that good instrumental rock goes way back.


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