Daily Dose: ‘Schemes Of The Tails’ by Melt‐Banana

Here are five (or so) tracks I heard on Stuart Maconie’s freak zone a while back that I’d like to talk about, in part because there’s a fair bit of variance between them and in part because I think they’re all great. This one in particular I can’t stop listening to, reminding me of the noise pop/rock that I was into a lot just as I was heading off to uni. This is more of a 90’s feel to it, but its bouncy dissonant excitement translates perfectly to me, even if it might be a bit too much of a clash for some people. Melt-Banana are from Japan and have been going since 1992, so they’re well practised; this song is taken from their seventh album, Fetch (1st October, 2013), which I’m going to throw on the next time I want to get seriously pumped but also want the chaos of the world made evident to me in musical form. For the album, vocalist Yasuko Onuki and guitarist Ichirou Agata decided to use synthesised backing music for all the extra parts, which makes for a really odd mix of processed sounds and grinding speed that feels better than it has any right to. Rock/pop from Japan isn’t always my bag, but it’s twisted beautifully here into experimental fun, maintaining the distinctive vocal style while being something that rocks hard in the manner of modern some great modern punk in its own unique way.


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