Daily Dose: ‘The Never Never’ by Phobophobes

This has some spark to it, for sure, provided to my ears by that wonderful organ sound weaved throughout, which is what made it stand out to me enough to jot it down for later. I didn’t enjoy it quite as much when I went back to it, I suspect because the somewhat gothic vocals are always a bit of a hit or miss proposition for me, but I did gain a new appreciation for the psychedelic over the top guitar solo at the end (somewhat reminiscent of The Horrors at their Primary Colours peak) and the music video, which features some fun solo choreographed dancing, always a fan favourite on a budget. I don’t know squat about the Phobophobes outside of their slightly difficult (but quite good name), but it appears that they are fairly brand spanking new and hail from around and about south east London and they put this out as a single a couple of days ago, so the onus is on you, southern types, support your local alternative rock scene. The more I listen to it, the more The Horrors comparison feels apt: it doesn’t possess their unhinged and slightly loose quality, but the organ sounds and moody vocals, as well as a more than a bit of Joy Division influence mean that if you liked one band, you’ll most likely enjoy the other.


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