Daily Dose: ‘Creepin” by Moon Duo

Everything I hear so far from Moon Duo I like a lot. I’ve not heard all of Occult Architecture Vol. 1 (fantastic name, 3rd February, 2017) yet, but I suspect when I do actually take the time to go through it soup to nuts I’m going to really love it. That might be a job for later today, I’ve got at least one long walk to get through and it feels like good body movement music. In short, it’s more psychedelia, because I’m apparently on a tear for that at the moment, except this time more modern, indie if you will, in approach. This song is the safest and most radio friendly thing I’ve heard from the album so far (which would help explain why it’s getting played on the radio) but that doesn’t make it any less of a nice listen. They are from Portland, and have apparently done a bunch of albums before this one, although it’s the first I’ve really heard of them. This bops along pleasantly enough, and you may well spot a few influences from alternative rock pioneers of note, but it covers all of its bases well and does a nice job of making me forget and not care about any of that and getting my head nodding. I’ve not got much more to say about it until I hear the album really, but if fuzzy weird alt-rock is your thing then look no further.


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