Daily Dose: ‘Unknown Faces At Father James Park’ by The Phenomenal Handclap Band

This sticks out brilliantly from the milleu, in part because the production sounds quite different to a lot of other things around at the moment (oddly thinner, if such a thing makes sense). On a practical note, phenomenal isn’t a word I use often enough, so appreciate these guys for reminding me of its existence in the lexicon. The Phenomenal Handclap Band are a psychedelic soul band from New York City, and outside of their fantastic name, they’re really buying into whatever passes for a sixties revival these days in a big way. On a slightly related note, I really adore the female vocals on this track, they have a lovely crisp clearness to them provided by both the delivery and the production that channels the glory days of psych without seeming beholden to them. Anyway, I guess it’s about being on acid? It probably isn’t actually, but it sort of feels like it should be, with its slightly spooky verse lyrics and trippy musical vibe. Slightly disappointingly Father James Park does not appear to be a real place, although I’d accept arguments for how the face that it exists solely lodged in the imagination makes it even more surreal and absurdist, further reinforcing the consciousness expansion or something like that anyway. Anyway, its decent kooky fun, it’s from an album called Form and Control (13th February, 2012), and if you feel like you needed more psychedelia in your life don’t waste another second and get to it.


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