Daily Dose: ‘Harrison Ford’ by Darlingside

Darlingside have made and released four albums/EPs since 2010, and I’ve not heard of either band or albums until very recently until this song happened upon my radio. It’s a very charming little number featuring a nonsensical stream of slice of life lyrics, provided your life occasionally dips into an exciting spy movie. It combines this flow with some cleverly arranged backing vocals, guitars and a banjo and it makes for a result that I would describe as cute subdued joy. The band formed at a college in Massachusetts and consider Boston their home turf, which seems like a weirdly metropolitan background for this kind of kooky folk/Americana sound that they’ve got going on but whatever works for them, I guess. This is from their third release Birds Say (September, 2015), which I might test out on my family and have them report back, but I have a good feeling about regardless. This song certainly makes me feel kind of happy, and I find the mandolin work here especially tasteful. There’s some real sparkle to their harmonies, which I think for me is what sets it apart from usual cheery baroque folk style tunes, I really appreciate a good harmony. Pleasant and inoffensive, but quirky enough to be engaging remains a good mix, and these guys pull it off well here. Plus my mum is a fan so good for all sorts, clearly.


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